In 1997 Fondazione Mediterraneo organized in Naples the 2nd Euromed Civil forum in which participated 2248 delegates from 36 Countries from the Euromed Region.
Among the proposed projects and recommendations there was the one to find instruments, places and symbols for peace. The symbol was identified in the “Totem of Peace”, the places where it will be realized are the most famous cities of the world, among the instruments priority will be given to coexistence and cohabitation between old and new citizens, with special reference to the immigrants.
A scientific committee constituted by the Fondazione Mediterraneo, after 10 years of work, singled out in the artwork “Totem of Peace” (by the Italian sculptor Mario Molinari) the most suitable symbol to represent peace in the Greater Mediterranean and all around the world.
A red sail represents not only the tragedies and the dead which stained with blood the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the rest of the world but, essentially, the rebirth of the trust to reconstruct dialogue.
Two semicircles colored in yellow and orange represent the dawn and the sunset on the blue sea: a sign of joy, color and hope in a future made of peace and shared development.
The aim of Fondazione Mediterraneo – with the Maison de la Méditerranée, the Maison des Alliances and the Maison de la Paix – is to spread this symbol to create the network of the “Cities of Peace in the World”.
I realized the Totem of peace in the world.